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The Total Package

This edgy, fun earring collection is sure to be a topic of conversation. This collection consists of three groups of earrings. 

1) Nothing But Studs

2) Hug It Out

3) Well Hung

ST-01 (stud earrings)ST-01 (stud earrings)
ST-01 (stud earrings) Sale price$30.00
ST-02 (stud earrings)ST-02 (stud earrings)
ST-02 (stud earrings) Sale price$35.00
ST-03 (stud earrings)ST-03 (stud earrings)
ST-03 (stud earrings) Sale price$45.00
ST-04 (stud earrings)ST-04 (stud earrings)
ST-04 (stud earrings) Sale price$35.00
ST-05 (stud earrings)
ST-05 (stud earrings) Sale price$45.00
ST-06 (stud earrings)ST-06 (stud earrings)
ST-06 (stud earrings) Sale price$30.00
ST-07 (stud earrings)ST-07 (stud earrings)
ST-07 (stud earrings) Sale price$40.00
ST-08 (stud earrings)ST-08 (stud earrings)
ST-08 (stud earrings) Sale price$37.50
H-01 (huggie earrings)
H-01 (huggie earrings) Sale price$30.00
H-02 (huggie earrings)H-02 (huggie earrings)
H-02 (huggie earrings) Sale price$35.00
H-03 (huggie earrings)H-03 (huggie earrings)
H-03 (huggie earrings) Sale price$27.50
H-04 (huggie earrings)H-04 (huggie earrings)
H-04 (huggie earrings) Sale price$30.00
H-05 (huggie earrings)H-05 (huggie earrings)
H-05 (huggie earrings) Sale price$42.50
H-06 (huggie earrings)H-06 (huggie earrings)
H-06 (huggie earrings) Sale price$35.00
H-07 (huggie earrings)H-07 (huggie earrings)
H-07 (huggie earrings) Sale price$37.50
H-08 (huggie earrings)H-08 (huggie earrings)
H-08 (huggie earrings) Sale price$30.00
WH-01 (well hung earrings)WH-01 (well hung earrings)
WH-02 (well hung earrings)WH-02 (well hung earrings)
WH-03 (well hung earrings)WH-03 (well hung earrings)
WH-04 (well hung earrings)WH-04 (well hung earrings)
WH-05 (well hung earrings)WH-05 (well hung earrings)
WH-06 (well hung earrings)WH-06 (well hung earrings)
WH-07 (well hung earrings)WH-07 (well hung earrings)
WH-08 (well hung earrings)WH-08 (well hung earrings)