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Edge Collection

Summer Long Necklace
Summer Long Necklace Sale price$120.00
Moonbeam Necklace
Moonbeam Necklace Sale price$45.00
Roxie 2 NecklaceRoxie 2 Necklace
Roxie 2 Necklace Sale price$155.00
Jasper BraceletJasper Bracelet
Jasper Bracelet Sale price$90.00
Luxe-N  - Necklace with bezel set teardrop stoneLuxe-N  - Necklace with bezel set teardrop stone
Blaise - necklace with bezel set sterling silver centerpiece stoneBlaise - necklace with bezel set sterling silver centerpiece stone
Aggie NecklaceAggie Necklace
Aggie Necklace Sale price$55.00
Bray NecklaceBray Necklace
Bray Necklace Sale price$145.00
Elle NecklaceElle Necklace
Elle Necklace Sale price$65.00
Debbie - necklace with toggle closureDebbie - necklace with toggle closure
Rebel - adjustable necklace with hammered circles and toggle closureRebel - adjustable necklace with hammered circles and toggle closure
Dylan NecklaceDylan Necklace
Dylan Necklace Sale price$65.00
Fall Short NecklaceFall Short Necklace
Fall Short Necklace Sale price$65.00
Fall Long Necklace
Fall Long Necklace Sale price$127.50
Spring Necklace
Spring Necklace Sale price$52.50
Summer Short NecklaceSummer Short Necklace
Summer Short Necklace Sale price$65.00
Barrel NecklaceBarrel Necklace
Barrel Necklace Sale price$47.50
Dynamite NecklaceDynamite Necklace
Dynamite Necklace Sale price$50.00
Twist Necklace
Twist Necklace Sale price$50.00
Eaves NecklaceEaves Necklace
Eaves Necklace Sale price$50.00
Apollo - two-tone necklace with paperclipApollo - two-tone necklace with paperclip
Spano NecklaceSpano Necklace
Spano Necklace Sale price$67.50
Lauren – long wrap necklace with toggleLauren – long wrap necklace with toggle
Revolution NecklaceRevolution Necklace
Revolution Necklace Sale price$90.00
Crosby Necklace
Crosby Necklace Sale price$125.00
Britton NecklaceBritton Necklace
Britton Necklace Sale price$105.00
Chelsea NecklaceChelsea Necklace
Chelsea Necklace Sale price$85.00
Bliss NecklaceBliss Necklace
Bliss Necklace Sale price$55.00
Bryce NecklaceBryce Necklace
Bryce Necklace Sale price$105.00
Bryce 2 Necklace
Bryce 2 Necklace Sale price$130.00
Muse Necklace
Muse Necklace Sale price$42.50
Linx NecklaceLinx Necklace
Linx Necklace Sale price$105.00
Bach - necklace with hammered discsBach - necklace with hammered discs
Cody NecklaceCody Necklace
Cody Necklace Sale price$95.00
Ringo-L - long washer chain necklace
Hypnotic – long necklace of bezel set semi-precious stonesHypnotic – long necklace of bezel set semi-precious stones
Biker Bracelet/NecklaceBiker Bracelet/Necklace
Biker Bracelet/Necklace Sale price$90.00