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LJ Sonder

Dragonfly - sterling silver necklace with diamond dragonfly pendant
Spike EarringsSpike Earrings
Spike Earrings Sale price$45.00
Frenchy NecklaceFrenchy Necklace
Frenchy Necklace Sale price$140.00
Coco Earrings Sale price$42.50
ST-04 (stud earrings)ST-04 (stud earrings)
ST-04 (stud earrings) Sale price$35.00
H-05 (huggie earrings)H-05 (huggie earrings)
H-05 (huggie earrings) Sale price$42.50
ST-02 (stud earrings)ST-02 (stud earrings)
ST-02 (stud earrings) Sale price$35.00
Genie Earrings
Genie Earrings Sale price$45.00
Peace Small - Sterling silver necklace with mini diamond peace charm
Milan B- Gold filled dainty paperclip bracelet
Jazz EarringsJazz Earrings
Jazz Earrings Sale price$47.50
Keller EarringsKeller Earrings
Keller Earrings Sale price$47.50
Ringo EarringsRingo Earrings
Ringo Earrings Sale price$45.00
Trip Toggle BraceletTrip Toggle Bracelet
Trip Toggle Bracelet Sale price$65.00
Milly NecklaceMilly Necklace
Milly Necklace Sale price$220.00
Sonder Necklace
Sonder Necklace Sale price$112.50
H-08 (Huggies Earrings)H-08 (Huggies Earrings)
H-08 (Huggies Earrings) Sale price$40.00
H-07 (Huggie Earrings)H-07 (Huggie Earrings)
H-07 (Huggie Earrings) Sale price$37.50
Cleo 2 Earrings Sale price$52.50
HT-02 (hang in there)HT-02 (hang in there)
HT-02 (hang in there) Sale price$37.50
Sonder Necklaces Sale price$112.50
Shimmer Earrings
Shimmer Earrings Sale price$52.50
Roxie 1 Necklace Sale price$215.00
Le Monde NecklaceLe Monde Necklace
Le Monde Necklace Sale price$105.00
Sydney Earrings
Sydney Earrings Sale price$80.00
Matte Gold Hoops Sale price$45.00
H-06 (huggie earrings)H-06 (huggie earrings)
H-06 (huggie earrings) Sale price$35.00
ST-01 (stud earrings)ST-01 (stud earrings)
ST-01 (stud earrings) Sale price$30.00
ST-8 Sale price$0.00
Pluto Earrings
Pluto Earrings Sale price$80.00
Peace Medium- Sterling silver necklace with medium pave diamond peace charmPeace Medium- Sterling silver necklace with medium pave diamond peace charm