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Edge Collection

Punk Necklace
Punk Necklace Sale priceFrom $137.50
Crush NecklaceCrush Necklace
Crush Necklace Sale price$145.00
Alissa Necklace
Alissa Necklace Sale price$60.00
Zen NecklaceZen Necklace
Zen Necklace Sale price$97.50
Lilibet Necklace
Lilibet Necklace Sale price$85.00
Bee - Necklace with bezel set bee pendantBee - Necklace with bezel set bee pendant
Nirvana NecklaceNirvana Necklace
Nirvana Necklace Sale price$37.50
Tucson NecklaceTucson Necklace
Tucson Necklace Sale price$85.00
Phoenix NecklacePhoenix Necklace
Phoenix Necklace Sale price$77.50
Sedona NecklaceSedona Necklace
Sedona Necklace Sale price$77.50
Landon Necklace
Landon Necklace Sale price$47.50
Marco NecklaceMarco Necklace
Marco Necklace Sale price$90.00
Stacey NecklaceStacey Necklace
Stacey Necklace Sale price$127.50
Knaughty  NecklaceKnaughty  Necklace
Knaughty Necklace Sale price$122.50
Long Cross – necklace with hammered cross drop
Mixed Curb Necklace
Mixed Curb Necklace Sale price$72.50
The Wrap NecklaceThe Wrap Necklace
The Wrap Necklace Sale price$137.50
Maya NecklaceMaya Necklace
Maya Necklace Sale price$55.00
Macy Necklace
Macy Necklace Sale price$55.00
Joce NecklaceJoce Necklace
Joce Necklace Sale price$77.50
Pearl Wrap NecklacePearl Wrap Necklace
Pearl Wrap Necklace Sale price$100.00
Liz - necklace with pearl center connector
Tuscany - necklace with offset Baroque pearlTuscany - necklace with offset Baroque pearl
Pamela - necklace with wire-wrapped Edison pearlPamela - necklace with wire-wrapped Edison pearl
Katie - necklace with wire-wrapped pearl dropKatie - necklace with wire-wrapped pearl drop
Coin Lariat – necklace with hand casted coin drop
Julius coin necklace
Julius coin necklace Sale price$65.00
Cross Lariat – necklace with hand casted cross dropCross Lariat – necklace with hand casted cross drop
Gretta - two-tone necklace with Baroque pearlGretta - two-tone necklace with Baroque pearl
Lenny - necklace with pearl strand accentLenny - necklace with pearl strand accent
Royal - necklace of multi-chains and pearl rosaryRoyal - necklace of multi-chains and pearl rosary
Mystic- Necklace of semi-precious stones and chainMystic- Necklace of semi-precious stones and chain
Triple Pearl - necklace with 3 pearl drop
Ariel Necklace LongAriel Necklace Long
Ariel Necklace Long Sale price$262.00
Morgan - Statement necklace with large bezel set coin
Gwen - necklace with large coin pendantGwen - necklace with large coin pendant
Derby - hand casted horse coin necklaceDerby - hand casted horse coin necklace
Trip Necklace/BraceletTrip Necklace/Bracelet
Trip Necklace/Bracelet Sale price$90.00